Sunday, 22 April 2012


Oh WOW! have done it, have actually completed the London Marathon!!! have my medal, have my T-shirt, have aching legs and feel so tired i could drop. Finished in 6:18:40 due to having knee trouble and having to Q for the loos 4 times - may have knocked off half an hour apart from that. Don't ask me if i would to do it again until i forget how much it hurt!
havent the brain power to analyse yet, will give blow by blow account tomorrow! still got to get home yet.
WOW once again!

not my actual medal but a pic i found!


Disaster struck on the way to london - car broke down, thermostat gone, RAC man can't fix, had to be towed home, borrowed daughters car, missed the turn off to the north circular, finally got to hotel at half 1, in bed at 2am. (oh and is the worst possible day of the month too for a woman) - night night. . .

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gone to the Expo. . . .

Gone to the Expo today - what a busy hectic, tiring day!
train at lunchtime, 2.5 hour trip, half hour on the tube, walk up to ExCel from the station, and wander round for hours getting bored in the end as train back is not until 8.35pm as it was the cheapest!
could have gone home about 2 or 3 hours earlier as the only reason to hang about the exhibition was if you had loads of money to spend on kit, and i had none. skint. . .

I did try on some of those Vibram Five Fingers though, and they felt really wierd - really good, but really wierd! I'd like some but they are about £90! have to save up. . .

Got my NUMBER! (34622) and my TIMING CHIP! and my KIT BAG! - it all feels too real now and i am even more nervous than before - will have to make a list of what to take now i have got that over with, need list of food to take, list of clothes, list of timings for Sunday. . . . .
lots to do and not a lot of time left to do it!
My fundraising is up to £1303 now! only £300 to go! 

Soon be back in London. . . .(Oh god, oh god, oh god. . . .)